Bridging the Gap: (Emergency Services/Rent and Utility Assistance):

If you have been affected by the Covid-19 crisis and need assistance, please contact the following agencies:

Rent assistance:
Utility Assistance: Community Action Council (859) 300-6960
Food Assistance: Gods Pantry (no agency referral required) (859) 255-6592

Bridging the Gap provides rent and utility assistance to need based and low-income individuals and families.

To be eligible for rent or mortgage assistance, a client’s rent/mortgage cannot exceed 75% of the total monthly income of the household (Does not apply for COVID-19 relief).

For utility assistance, Bridging the Gap will cover one month of a household’s total utility bill. Clients who qualify are eligible to apply for assistance once every twelve (12) months.

Bridging the Gap also offers assistance with toiletry items (when in supply) and referrals to the God’s Pantry Food program.

Emergency Services phone number (859) 253-3339