Counseling is available to all 50 counties of the diocese through a HIPAA-secure-and-compliant videoconferencing platform.  Phone counseling is also available to those who prefer it.

COVID-19 has temporarily suspended in-person counseling services in Prestonsburg.  Services are provided by Gwen Hall, MSW, LCSW, a licensed clinical social worker.  Appointments are available during business hours and arrangements can be made for evening appointments when needed.  Adults may apply for services for themselves as individuals, couples and families. Adolescents and children under 18 years of age require the written consent of their parents, who are always included in intake and treatment planning sessions.

Issues that can be addressed in counseling include:

  • Pre-marital evaluations
  • Marriage, divorce and relationship problems
  • Parenting Skills
  • Family conflicts and communication
  • Child and developmental transitions
  • Emotional Crises
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Self-Esteem
  • Decision-making
  • Personal Growth
  • Grief and Loss



Catholic Charities Clinical Counseling Fees

In an effort to be sensitive to clients’ financial circumstances, fees for services are based on a sliding fee scale that considers household income as well as family size.  Clients may use the fee calculator below to estimate their fee.  Many insurances carriers are also accepted for clinical counseling services.  Clients who want to use insurance should contact their insurance company about coverage, deductibles and co-pays. Your counselor will quote the board-recommended fee when a potential client calls for information.  If the quoted fee seems to be unaffordable, the counselor can offer clients a form that informs the agency director about the reasons and budget restrictions the fee is a barrier to services.  The director will then determine if the fee can be reduced or waived.

Counseling fees are subsidized by the Diocese of Lexington, United Way and Catholic Charities’ benefactors for those who cannot afford the fees.



Catholic Charities Clinical Counseling Fees

Fill in the fields below with household income and the number of people in the household to calculate the hourly fee/co-pay recommended by the Catholic Charities Board:




The time spent in session impacts the fee charged.  No one will be charged more than $100 for a 45-50 minute session.  However, ALL intake (first) sessions are scheduled for two hours and, therefore, cost double the recommended fee.  Phone and telemental health video-conferencing sessions are charged at the same rate as in-person sessions.  No fee is charged for inquiries about services or phone calls to change or cancel appointments.  Clients are expected to give 24-hour notice when they cannot keep an appointment, unless the reason is a verifiable emergency.  All clients (even those who qualify for free services), who fail to notify their counselor that they cannot keep an appointment, will need to pay a $20 fee in order to schedule another appointment.



Catholic Charities Prestonsburg Office

60 Martha’s Vineyard

Prestonsburg, KY  41653

Phone and fax:  (606) 874-9170