Bridging the Gap provides rent and utility assistance to low-income individuals and families.

In order to be eligible for financial assistance, one member of the household must be steadily employed and currently working. Additionally, the client’s rent/mortgage cannot exceed 75% of the total monthly income of the household. Clients who qualify for financial assistance are eligible to apply once every 12 months.

Bridging the Gap offers assistance with toiletry items and God’s Pantry referrals. Clients wishing to obtain a God’s Pantry referral must provide social security numbers for all adult members of the household.

Requesting Assistance

Requesting Assistance

At this time Catholic Charities is only able to help with Kentucky American Water bills.

To request assistance, please call the number below and follow the instructions provided.

(859) 253-3339

We hope to begin accepting requests for other types of assistance soon.